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Club hockey player chugs a beer on the ice, gets ejected

A club hockey player chugs a beer on the ice, much to the pleasure of the fans.reaction b via YouTube/YouTube

A club hockey player chugs a beer on the ice, much to the pleasure of the fans.

The Virginia club hockey team put a beating on Virginia Commonwealth University on Friday in a 10-1 win.

But the win wasn’t what everyone was talking about.

Virginia’s sophomore goalie Jake Anderson slugged a Keystone Light on the ice like a champ, just before the third period.

The chug fest came after a fellow broski tossed Anderson a brewskie over the glass from the stands that were filled with over a thousand people. Anderson gladly accepted and crushed it.

The goaltender would receive a five minute penalty and be ejected from the game for the stunt, blowing his chance for a shutout.

He was perfect through two periods, helping the Wahoos retain a 7-0 lead. Tommy Graber came in to take Anderson’s spot in goal and gave up just one goal in the final period.

Anderson’s little happy hour on ice was only sort of mentioned in passing in a recap of the game on the UVA club hockey team’s website, written by Anderson’s teammate, Doug Eisman.

It was described as a “selfish act” and Anderson’s maturity level was compared to that of a “middle schooler desperate for attention from his crush.”

Eisman seemed pretty pleased with the team’s performance in the rest of the article.

And judging by his talk of fans pouring alcohol onto the VCU bench mixed with silly mishaps involving the tech team and bench, it doesn’t seem that he had much of a problem with Anderson taking a minute to have a cold one.

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